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1/16 Mini Rockstar SCT RTR
Item ID: LOSB0209 | Retail Price: $299.99
Phil's Hobby Shop price: $239.99
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Product description

Ask us a question about 1/16 Mini Rockstar SCT RTR


  • Water-resistant Xcelorin brushless ESC
  • Xcelorin 4500Kv brushless motor
  • Spektrum SR300 receiver with 2.4GHz DSM technology
  • 7.2V 1100mAh NiMH battery pack with EC2™ connectors
  • All-metal gear transmission
  • Realistic front and rear bumpers
  • Mini servo with saver
  • Oil-filled, coil-over shocks
  • Durable, composite-molded centerline chassis
  • All-terrain short course tires
  • Chrome, off-road beadlock-style wheels
  • Fully decorated Rockstar Energy Drink SCT Body


A 2WD mini with an Xcelorin brushless power system, oil-filled shocks and an extended short course chassis. Too good to be true? Nope. The Mini SCT RTR has all that and more. It’s ready to run and ready to take on the competition. Not only does this 1/16 truck have a Losi radio system with Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM technology, but it’s got a Rockstar Energy Drink licensed body and generous ground clearance.

Rockstar is property of its respective owner and is used by permission or license by Horizon Hobby.


Type: 2WD Mini Short Course Truck Scale: 1/16 Length: 12.83 in (326mm) Width: 7.28 in (185mm) Wheelbase: 8.27 in (210mm) Weight: 5.3 oz (160g) Tire Type: All-terrain SCT Motor or Engine: 4500Kv Xcelorin brushless motor Speed Control: Xcelorin brushless water-resistant Radio: Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM Losi radio Batteries: 7.2V NiMH with EC2 connector Kit/RTR: RTR Shock Type: Plastic, oil-filled Body: Custom SCT Rockstar Energy Drink scheme Ball Bearings: Complete Minimum Age Recommendation: 14 years

Media Gallery

* /images/px-clear.gif/images/icon-newwindow.gif/images/px-clear.gif  View Image Gallery [javascript:popUp('/Products/Gallery.aspx?ProdID='+encodeURIComponent('LOSB0209')+'&Index=0', 575, 610);]

/images/px-clear.gif/images/icon-newwindow.gif/images/px-clear.gif  1/16 Mini Rockstar SCT (WMV) [/ProdInfo/Files/LOSB0209-HI.wmv]


/images/icon-manual.gif /images/icon-newwindow.gif  1/16 Mini Rockstar SCT RTR Manual - English [/ProdInfo/Files/LOSB0209_Manual_English.pdf]

/images/icon-manual.gif /images/icon-newwindow.gif  1/16 Mini Rockstar SCT RTR Manual - German [/ProdInfo/Files/LOSB0209_Manual_German.pdf]

/images/icon-manual.gif /images/icon-newwindow.gif  1/16 Mini Rockstar SCT RTR Manual - French [/ProdInfo/Files/LOSB0209_Manual_French.pdf]

/images/icon-manual.gif /images/icon-newwindow.gif  1/16 Mini Rockstar SCT RTR Manual - Italian [/ProdInfo/Files/LOSB0209_Manual_Italian.pdf]

Parts Explosions

/images/icon-partsexplosion.gif /images/icon-newwindow.gif  1/16 Mini Rockstar SCT RTR Exploded View [/ProdInfo/Files/LOSB0209_Exploded.pdf]

Parts Listing

* Item ID Description Qty. Price

LOSB0805 LSR-3000 DSM Transmitter: [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB0805] 1 Retail: $69.99  

LOSB0813 MS20DSL Servo with Saver & Long Lead: Mini-DT [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB0813] 1 Retail: $24.99  

LOSB1009 Chassis: MHRL [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB1009] 1 Retail: $7.99  

LOSB1018 Front Bulkhead/Kickplate/Brace Set: Mini-T, MDT [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB1018] 1 Retail: $5.49  

LOSB1020 Front/Rear Pivot Block Set: Mini-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB1020] 1 Retail: $3.99  

LOSB1024 Front/Rear Suspension Arm Set: Mini-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB1024] 1 Retail: $6.49  

LOSB1027 Spindle, Carrier & Hub Set: Mini-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB1027] 1 Retail: $5.49  

LOSB1029 Steering Set: Mini-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB1029] 1 Retail: $5.49  

LOSB1037 Front Axle/Pin Brace Set: Mini-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB1037] 1 Retail: $5.99  

LOSB1040 Camber & Steering Link Set: Mini-DT [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB1040] 1 Retail: $3.49  

LOSB1041 Suspension Hinge Pin Bag: Mini-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB1041] 1 Retail: $5.99  

LOSB1043 E-Clips (10): Mini-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB1043] 1 Retail: $2.99  

LOSB1045 Wheel Nuts & Drive Pins: Mini-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB1045] 1 Retail: $2.49  

LOSB1049 Rod End/Ball Cup Set (14): Mini-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB1049] 1 Retail: $4.49  

LOSB1051 Ball Stud Set (10): Mini-T, MLST/2, MRAM [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB1051] 1 Retail: $6.49  

LOSB1059 Transmission Case/Motor Plate Set: MHRL [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB1059] 1 Retail: $10.99  

LOSB1060 Transmission Ball Bearing Set:Mini T, MLST/2, MRAM [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB1060] 1 Retail: $22.99  

LOSB1061 Battery Hold-Down Set: MHRL [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB1061] 1 Retail: $7.99  

LOSB1063 Transmission Shaft Set: MHRL [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB1063] 1 Retail: $6.99  

LOSB1064 Slipper Hardware Set: Mini-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB1064] 1 Retail: $5.49  

LOSB1065 Transmission Gear Bag, Metal: Mini-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB1065] 1 Retail: $15.99  

LOSB1068 Spur Gear Bag: Mini-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB1068] 1 Retail: $4.99  

LOSB1073 Outdrive/Dogbone/Rear Axle Set: Mini-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB1073] 1 Retail: $14.49  

LOSB1074 Front/Rear Bumper and Mount/Support Set: MHRL [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB1074] 1 Retail: $9.99  

LOSB1100 BB Kit 4x8mm (8): Mini-T, MLST/2, MRAM [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB1100] 1 Retail: $17.99  

LOSB1212 7.2V 1100mAh NiMH with EC2 Connector [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB1212] 1 Retail: $39.99  

LOSB1260 Pinion Gear Set, 9T-12T: Mini Vehicles [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB1260] 1 Retail: $14.99  

LOSB1291 Front Shock Springs (Pr): MB [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB1291] 1 Retail: $3.50  

LOSB1292 Rear Shock Springs (Pr): MB [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB1292] 1 Retail: $3.50  

LOSB1293 Front Shock w/Springs, Assembled (Pr): MB [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB1293] 1 Retail: $14.99  

LOSB1294 Rear Shock w/Springs, Assembled (Pr): MB [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB1294] 1 Retail: $14.99  

LOSB1295 Front Shock Body Set (Pr): MB [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB1295] 1 Retail: $3.00  

LOSB1296 Rear Shock Body Set (Pr): MB [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB1296] 1 Retail: $3.00  

LOSB1297 Front Shock Shaft Set (2): MB [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB1297] 1 Retail: $5.00  

LOSB1298 Rear Shock Shaft Set (2): MB [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB1298] 1 Retail: $5.00  

LOSB1299 Shock Rebuild Kit (2): MB [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB1299] 1 Retail: $4.50  

LOSB1650 Screw & Hardware Kit: Micro SCT,Rally, Truggy [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB1650] 1 Retail: $6.99  

LOSB1651 Aluminum Shock Rebuild Kit:Micro SCT,Rally, Truggy [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB1651] 1 Retail: $4.99  

LOSB1850 Side Guard: MSCT [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB1850] 1 Retail: $4.99  

LOSB1852 Front/Rear Shock Tower & Lower Shock Mounts: MSCT [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB1852] 1 Retail: $8.99  

LOSB1853 Front/Rear Ladder & Mount Set: MSCT [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB1853] 1 Retail: $9.99  

LOSB1854 Front/Rear Bumper & Support Set: MSCT [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB1854] 1 Retail: $9.99  

LOSB1855 Motor Plate: MSCT [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB1855] 1 Retail: $4.99  

LOSB1856 Body Post/Gear Cover Set: MSCT [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB1856] 1 Retail: $4.99  

LOSB1859 Fastener Set: MSCT [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB1859] 1 Retail: $3.99  

LOSB1950 Front Mounted Tire, Chrome (2): MSCT [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB1950] 1 Retail: $15.99  

LOSB1951 Rear Mounted Tire, Chrome (2): MSCT [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB1951] 1 Retail: $15.99  

LOSB9457 1/18 Xcelorin 4500Kv Brushless Motor [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB9457] 1 Retail: $55.99  

LOSB9502 1/18 Xcelorin MSC-18BL Brushless ESC [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB9502] 1 Retail: $59.99  

SPMSR300 SR300 3-Channel DSM Sport Surface Receiver [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=SPMSR300] 1 Retail: $99.99  

  • Weight in box: 2.47 kg (5.45 lb)
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