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Discontinued (LOSB0019BLKBD)
Item ID: LOSB0019BLKBD | Retail Price: $2399.99
Phil's Hobby Shop price: $1399.99
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Product description

Ask us a question about Discontinued (LOSB0019BLKBD)

* Please click here to view important bulletins for this product. [/Products/Bulletin.aspx?ProdID=LOSB0019BLKBD]


  • Large-bore shocks with 7mm shafts & threaded adjusters
  • 5MM chassis with CNC machining for strength and less weight
  • Two-stage air and fuelfilter systems
  • Powerful Losi� 2-stroke 26cc gasoline engine
  • 1/4 -scale heavy-duty throttle servo for superior braking
  • Adjustable bias dual-disk braking system
  • 1/4-scale high torque metal gear steering servo
  • Extra-large 800cc fuel tank
  • Spektrum SR3300T Telemetry Receiver with 2.4GHZ DSM Technology
  • Three tunable sealed viscous differentials
  • Multi-piece bead lock off-road wheels
  • Impact Absorbing Bumpers
  • Innovative sealed clutch mount with cooling fins
  • Cv driveshafts used throughout
  • 6V 3000mAh Receiver Battery and Charger


Bigger. Faster. Stronger. The 1/5-scale Losi� 5IVE-T� 4WD Off-Road Racing Truck is the closest thing to a full-size vehicle in realism, performance and experience. It features a 4WD drivetrain based on the racing-winning, award winning 8IGHT platfrom, Spektrum� telemetry receiver, installed sensors, and 1/4-scale servos. And since it's a Bind-N-Drive� vehicle, you complete it with the DSM� transmitter of your choice. There's really nothing like driving an RC truck as big as this. Come take it for a spin in all its 4WD glory.

These large-bore threaded, aluminum shocks feature over-sized 7mm shock shafts designed to stand up to the punishment of 1/5-scale action. The threaded adjusters allow for fine-tuning of the ride you are looking to achieve. The extra high volume of fluid is essential in controlling thesuspension movement over the roughest terrain.(Far right: 1/5-scale and a standard 1/10-scale shock shaft)

This is no ordinary chassis. It is based on the award winning, race-proven 8IGHT� Platform. It has been designed to produce the best performance possible. The chassis plate is constructed of 5mm aircraft-grade aluminum and has been machined to save weight and add strength to provide extreme durability.

To ensure a long engine life and proper care, the air and fuel systems are served by a two-stage filtering systems. The air must pass through two different foam filters designed to block as much dust and debris as possible while still maintaining proper flow. The fuel system features a secondary filter that serves multiple purposes. One, to keep the fuel pickup in the gas mix no matter the orientation of the vehicle and as a filter to block larger debris and a secondary bullet style filter to catch anything else.

The engine comes preinstalled with a high-volume muffler and features an electronic ignition, easy adjust carburetor with a built-in choke and fuel primmer. An added bonus is the machined oval inserts that match the chassis cutouts precisely to locate the engine for proper gear mesh.

The finned aluminum clutch mount adds strength and durability and provides unmatched heat dissipation for increased longevity of the 8,000 RPM clutch. Since it is enclosed, it prevents dirt and debris from entering and fouling the parts. The oversized bearings handle greater loads and are more reliable.

The throttle servo performs more than just throttle duties it is also the main source for braking power. This heavy-duty large-scale servo has the power to bring the 5IVE-T to a stop thanks to the functionality of the bias adjustable dual-disk brakes. No 1/10-scale throttle servos here.

The core of the electronics system is the SR3300T receiver that is powered by Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM technology and has telemetry built in. The 5IVE-T comes prewired with sensors for engine temperature, speed and receiver battery voltage. Just add a surface DSM transmitter like the Spektrum DX3S, and all of this information will be transmitted back to the driver for real-time vitals of the 5IVE-T.

These monster wheels are true beadlock wheels with rings on both the inner and outer bead of the tire. With the amount of power the 5IVE-T produces and the sheer size of these tires, these wheels will provide a stable platform for the all-terrain tires. Many popular 1/5-scale tires will mount right on these beadlock wheels.

The 5IVE-T uses nothing but precision cut or formed, heat treated steel gears throughout the drive train. No plastic gears. These are the strongest and most durable type of gears available and expensive option items on other models.

The realistic cage provides added durability to the assembly absorbing impacts as well as a solid base for the modular body. The unique design allows the body and cage to be removed with only four screws and four body clips in seconds.

The four-piece body individual panels to be replaced in the event that it becomes damaged so an entire body does not need to be purchased to get the vehicle back to the factory look. Clear panels and stickers are sold separately to create your own look or retain the factory schemes.

Tech Notes

You will need...

Transmitter 90 Octane Gasonline


Type:�4WD Short Course Truck Scale:�1/5 Length:�38 in (965.2mm) Width:�20.75 in (527mm) Height:�12.25 in (311.1mm) Ground Clearance:�2 in (50.8mm) Wheelbase:�24 in (609.6mm) Chassis:�5mm thick 7075 T6 aluminum Suspension:�4 wheel independent Drivetrain:�4WD with 3 silicone fluid differentials & centrifugal clutch Tire Type:�Off-Road all-terrain Performance high wear Motor or Engine:�26cc Gas Radio:�BND - Spektrum 3300T Telemetry Receiver Batteries:�3000MaH 6V NiMh receiver pack Charger:�Global AC charger Wheel Size:�4.75 in (120.6mm) Kit/RTR:�RTR Shock Type:�24MM diameter oil filled with compensation bladders Body:�4 piece, Short Course Truck Ball Bearings:�Throughout including steering Fuel Tank Capacity:�800CC Minimum Age Recommendation:�14 years Experience Level:�Advanced Recommended Environment:�Outdoor Is Assembly Required:�No

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/images/icon-manual.gif�/images/icon-newwindow.gif �1/5 5IVE-T 4WD Off-Road Truck Bind-N-Drive Manual [/ProdInfo/Files/LOSB0019BLKBD_Manual.pdf]

Parts Listing

* Item ID Description Qty. Price

LOSA99209 HD Ring & Pinion Grease (10ml): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSA99209] 1 Retail: $3.99��

LOSB0884 S900S 1/5 Scale Steering Servo w/Metal Gears5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB0884] 1 Retail: $114.99��

LOSB0885 S900T 1/5 Scale Throttle Servo with BB 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB0885] 1 Retail: $64.99��

LOSB0897 HD On/Off Switch w/20AWG Wre&Gld PlatedPlugs5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB0897] 1 Retail: $13.99��

LOSB2071 Front Suspension Arm Set (2): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB2071] 1 Retail: $25.99��

LOSB2072 Front Spindle Set (2): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB2072] 1 Retail: $13.99��

LOSB2073 Front Spindle Carrier Set (2): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB2073] 1 Retail: $13.99��

LOSB2074 Front King Pins & Arm Bushings, Alum. 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB2074] 1 Retail: $17.99��

LOSB2076 Rear Suspension Arm Set (2): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB2076] 1 Retail: $23.99��

LOSB2077 Rear Hub Carrier Set (2): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB2077] 1 Retail: $13.99��

LOSB2078F Front Hinge Pin Brace Set, Alum: (2) 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB2078F] 1 Retail: $23.99��

LOSB2078R Rear Hinge Pin Brace Set, Alum (2): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB2078R] 1 Retail: $23.99��

LOSB2079 F/R Pin Mount Covers (4): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB2079] 1 Retail: $8.99��

LOSB2080 Hinge Pin Set (6): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB2080] 1 Retail: $19.99��

LOSB2082 Front Shock Tower: 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB2082] 1 Retail: $37.99��

LOSB2084 Rear Shock Tower: 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB2084] 1 Retail: $48.99��

LOSB2540 Main Chassis Plate: 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB2540] 1 Retail: $229.99��

LOSB2541 Front Transmission Case Set: 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB2541] 1 Retail: $17.99��

LOSB2542 Rear Transmission Case Set: 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB2542] 1 Retail: $19.99��

LOSB2543 Bearing Inserts, Rear Diff/Trans: 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB2543] 1 Retail: $11.99��

LOSB2545 Center Diff Mount Set: 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB2545] 1 Retail: $15.99��

LOSB2550 Servo Saver & Bellcrank Plastics (3): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB2550] 1 Retail: $11.99��

LOSB2551 Steering Post Set (2): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB2551] 1 Retail: $16.99��

LOSB2552 Steering Drag Link & Hardware: 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB2552] 1 Retail: $17.99��

LOSB2553 Servo Saver Tube, Spring & Adjuster: 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB2553] 1 Retail: $17.99��

LOSB2558 F&R Chassis Brace & Spacer Set: 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB2558] 1 Retail: $19.99��

LOSB2562 Sway Bar Set & Hardware (3 ea. F&R): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB2562] 1 Retail: $34.99��

LOSB2570 Side Guard Set (2): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB2570] 1 Retail: $29.99��

LOSB2571 Left Cage Side: 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB2571] 1 Retail: $24.99��

LOSB2572 Right Cage Side: 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB2572] 1 Retail: $24.99��

LOSB2573 F&R Bumper Set: 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB2573] 1 Retail: $21.99��

LOSB2574 Front Skid Plate,Bumper Brace & Spacers: 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB2574] 1 Retail: $27.99��

LOSB2575 Headlight Set: 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB2575] 1 Retail: $9.99��

LOSB2576 Rear Bumper Brace Set (3): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB2576] 1 Retail: $20.99��

LOSB2577 Front Cage Support Set (2): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB2577] 1 Retail: $11.99��

LOSB2578 Center & Front Top Cage Support Set: 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB2578] 1 Retail: $21.99��

LOSB2579 Rear Top & Side Cage Set: 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB2579] 1 Retail: $33.99��

LOSB2580 Rear Cage Mount & Fender Brace Set (4): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB2580] 1 Retail: $14.99��

LOSB2581 Mud Flap & Retainer Set (2): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB2581] 1 Retail: $8.99��

LOSB2582 Body Mount Washers & Pads (56): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB2582] 1 Retail: $13.99��

LOSB2585 Radio Tray Set: 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB2585] 1 Retail: $29.99��

LOSB2586 Radio Tray Covers: 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB2586] 1 Retail: $9.99��

LOSB2851 Front Shock Shaft (1): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB2851] 1 Retail: $8.99��

LOSB2852 Rear Shock Shaft (1): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB2852] 1 Retail: $9.99��

LOSB2853 Front Shock Body & Adjuster (1): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB2853] 1 Retail: $29.99��

LOSB2854 Rear Shock Body & Adjuster (1): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB2854] 1 Retail: $33.99��

LOSB2855 Shock Plastics & Balls (4): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB2855] 1 Retail: $21.99��

LOSB2856 Shock Rebuild/Hardware Set (4): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB2856] 1 Retail: $14.99��

LOSB2857 Shock Boots (8): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB2857] 1 Retail: $12.99��

LOSB2858 Shock Caps, Blue (2): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB2858] 1 Retail: $28.99��

LOSB2859 Shock Mount Set (4): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB2859] 1 Retail: $19.99��

LOSB2965 Front Springs 11.6lb Rate, Blue (2): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB2965] 1 Retail: $16.99��

LOSB2972 Rear Springs 8.0 lb Rate, Blue (2): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB2972] 1 Retail: $16.99��

LOSB3201 Diff Housing Set (1): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB3201] 1 Retail: $13.99��

LOSB3202 Internal Diff Gears & Shims (6): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB3202] 1 Retail: $16.99��

LOSB3203 Diff Seal & Hardware Set (1): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB3203] 1 Retail: $10.99��

LOSB3204 Front Diff Ring Gear: 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB3204] 1 Retail: $35.99��

LOSB3206 Rear Diff Ring Gear: 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB3206] 1 Retail: $36.99��

LOSB3208 F/R Diff Pinion Gear, 13T: 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB3208] 1 Retail: $17.99��

LOSB3210 Center Diff Spur Gear, 58T: 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB3210] 1 Retail: $49.99��

LOSB3212 F/R Diff Outdrive Set (2):5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB3212] 1 Retail: $28.99��

LOSB3214 Center Diff Outdrive Set (2): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB3214] 1 Retail: $28.99��

LOSB3216 F/R Driveshaft & CV Coupler (1): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB3216] 1 Retail: $17.99��

LOSB3217 CV Joints & Pins (2):5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB3217] 1 Retail: $6.99��

LOSB3218 Front Center Driveshaft & CV Coupler: 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB3218] 1 Retail: $18.99��

LOSB3219 Rear Center Driveshaft & CV Coupler: 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB3219] 1 Retail: $29.99��

LOSB3220 F/R Center Drive Pinion Coupler Set (2): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB3220] 1 Retail: $24.99��

LOSB3224 F/R Stub Axle & Pins (1): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB3224] 1 Retail: $17.99��

LOSB3225 F/R Wheel Hex & Pin (2): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB3225] 1 Retail: $24.99��

LOSB3227 Wheel Nuts, Blue Anodized (4): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB3227] 1 Retail: $14.99��

LOSB3230 Brake Cams & Bushings (2): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB3230] 1 Retail: $24.99��

LOSB3231 Brake Disk, Pad & Screw Set: 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB3231] 1 Retail: $29.99��

LOSB4610 Wheel,Shock & Multi-Wrench Set: 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB4610] 1 Retail: $13.99��

LOSB5014 Gas Tank Mount Set: 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB5014] 1 Retail: $9.99��

LOSB5015 Gas Tank Complete: 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB5015] 1 Retail: $54.99��

LOSB5016 Gas Tank Cap Set: 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB5016] 1 Retail: $15.99��

LOSB5017 Gas Line & Clamp Set: 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB5017] 1 Retail: $29.99��

LOSB5022 Air Cleaner Set Complete: 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB5022] 1 Retail: $29.99��

LOSB5023 Air Cleaner Foam Elements (2ea): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB5023] 1 Retail: $16.99��

LOSB5036 Clutch Mount w/Bearings & Hard. (Assm): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB5036] 1 Retail: $34.99��

LOSB5038 Clutch Bell & Hardware: 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB5038] 1 Retail: $29.99��

LOSB5039 Clutch Shoes & Spring, 8,000 RPM: 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB5039] 1 Retail: $43.99��

LOSB5044 19T Pinion Gear, 1.5M & Hardware: 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB5044] 1 Retail: $19.99��

LOSB5800 Spring Clip Set (14): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB5800] 1 Retail: $8.99��

LOSB5801 Engine Mount Inserts & Screws, 19T (4): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB5801] 1 Retail: $15.99��

LOSB5900 Steering Linkage Set: 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB5900] 1 Retail: $12.99��

LOSB5901 Throttle/Brake Linkage Set: 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB5901] 1 Retail: $23.99��

LOSB5902 Turnbuckle Set (6): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB5902] 1 Retail: $23.99��

LOSB5903 Rod End Set (12): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB5903] 1 Retail: $10.99��

LOSB5904 Camber & Steering Pivot Ball Set (12): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB5904] 1 Retail: $21.99��

LOSB5970 Steering Bearing Set, 10x15x4mm (4): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB5970] 1 Retail: $6.99��

LOSB5971 Inner Axle Bearings, 20x32x7mm (2): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB5971] 1 Retail: $10.99��

LOSB5972 Outer Axle Bearings, 12x24x6mm (2): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB5972] 1 Retail: $9.99��

LOSB5973 Diff Support Bearings, 15x24x5mm,Flanged(2):5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB5973] 1 Retail: $17.99��

LOSB5974 iff Pinion Bearings, 9x20x6mm (2): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB5974] 1 Retail: $6.99��

LOSB5975 Clutch Bell Bearings, 15x28x7mm (2):5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB5975] 1 Retail: $21.99��

LOSB6085 4mm BH Screw Asst. (27): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB6085] 1 Retail: $5.99��

LOSB6110 5mm BH Screw Asst (24): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB6110] 1 Retail: $6.99��

LOSB6450 Wheel Screw Set, 3x10mm BH & Cap (20ea): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB6450] 1 Retail: $5.99��

LOSB6451 3mm BH & Cap Screw Asst (38): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB6451] 1 Retail: $5.99��

LOSB6465 4mm FH & Cap Screw Asst. (32): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB6465] 1 Retail: $5.99��

LOSB6480 5mm FH & Cap Screw Asst. (24): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB6480] 1 Retail: $6.99��

LOSB6481 Rear Toe Block & Brace Screws: 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB6481] 1 Retail: $6.99��

LOSB6490 6mm BH & FH Screw Asst (20): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB6490] 1 Retail: $5.99��

LOSB6501 Set Screw Asst. 3,4,5 & 8MM (19): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB6501] 1 Retail: $4.99��

LOSB6535 Washer Assortment, 5 sizes (25): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB6535] 1 Retail: $4.99��

LOSB6560 Drive Pin Set (14): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB6560] 1 Retail: $7.99��

LOSB6579 Lower Shock Mounting Screw Set, 5mm (6): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB6579] 1 Retail: $2.99��

LOSB6590 Lock Nut Asst. 3,4,5,6MM (24): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB6590] 1 Retail: $3.99��

LOSB6591 Side Cage Nut-Inserts: 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB6591] 1 Retail: $15.99��

LOSB6592 5IVE-T Emergency Hardware Kit [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB6592] 1 Retail: $37.99��

LOSB7027 Wheel and Beadlock Set (2): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB7027] 1 Retail: $39.99��

LOSB7028 Beadlock Set, Inner & Outer Black (2): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB7028] 1 Retail: $12.99��

LOSB7240 Nomad Tire Set, Firm (1ea. L/R): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB7240] 1 Retail: $44.99��

LOSB7241 Tire Inserts, Soft (2): 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB7241] 1 Retail: $33.99��

LOSB8101 Hood/Front Fenders Body Section: 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB8101] 1 Retail: $84.99��

LOSB8102 Cab Body Section: 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB8102] 1 Retail: $115.99��

LOSB8103 Body Left Fender & # Plate: 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB8103] 1 Retail: $42.99��

LOSB8104 Body Right Fender & # Plate: 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB8104] 1 Retail: $42.99��

LOSB8255 5IVE-T Sticker&Graphic Sheet Set: Black [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB8255] 1 Retail: $54.99��

LOSB8256 5IVE-T Sticker & Graphic Sheet Set: White [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB8256] 1 Retail: $54.99��

LOSB9952 6V 3000mAh Rx Battery Pack: 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSB9952] 1 Retail: $39.99��

LOSR5001 26cc Hi-Performance Engine 5IVE-T [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSR5001] 1 Retail: $409.99��

LOSR5009 Engine cover(Plastic), Losi 26cc 1 Retail: $7.99��

LOSR5010 Pull-Start Assembly, Losi 26cc 1 Retail: $31.99��

LOSR5012 Piston & Ring Set, Losi 26cc 1 Retail: $49.99��

LOSR5013 Piston Ring Only, Losi 26cc [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSR5013] 1 Retail: $13.99��

LOSR5015 Flywheel, Losi 26cc [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSR5015] 1 Retail: $43.99��

LOSR5016 IgnitionCoil&Screws, Losi 26cc [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSR5016] 1 Retail: $62.99��

LOSR5017 Spark Plug, Losi 26cc 1 Retail: $13.99��

LOSR5018 Kill Switch, Losi 26cc 1 Retail: $5.99��

LOSR5020 Carb Rebuild Kit, Losi 26cc [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=LOSR5020] 1 Retail: $44.99��

LOSR5025 Hardwear Set, Losi 26cc 1 Retail: $22.99��

LOSR5026 Muffler Screws, Losi 26cc 1 Retail: $4.99��

LOSR5030 Cylinder Gasket, Losi 26cc 1 Retail: $4.99��

LOSR5031 Exhaust Gasket(2), Los 26cc 1 Retail: $4.99��

LOSR5033 CarbMntingGasket Set(2)Losi26cc 1 Retail: $6.99��

SPM1452 RPM Sensor [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=SPM1452] 1 Retail: $9.99��

SPM1454 Head Temperature Sensor-Long Lead [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=SPM1454] 1 Retail: $9.99��

SPMA3003 Heavy-Duty Servo Extension 12" [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=SPMA3003] 1 Retail: $6.99��

SPMSR3300T SR3300T DSM 3CH Rx w/ Telemetry: Surface [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=SPMSR3300T] 1 Retail: $129.99��

  • Weight in box: 25.85 kg (57.00 lb)
  • Barcode: 605482016732
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