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Product details

Spitfire Mk IX PNP
Item ID: PKZ5775 | Retail Price: $259.99
Phil's Hobby Shop price: $207.99
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Product description

Ask us a question about Spitfire Mk IX PNP


  • 4-channel control – throttle, elevator, aileron and rudder
  • Powerful 15- sized BL outrunner; 950Kv, installed
  • E-flite® 30A Pro Switch-Mode BEC brushless ESC, installed
  • Servos, installed
  • Dual aileron servos for precise control
  • Designed to accept E-flite electric retracts (EFLG100), sold separately
  • Durable Z-Foam™ construction
  • 20mm cannon, exhaust and cockpit details
  • Authentic Johnnie Johnson World War II trim scheme


The Supermarine Spitfire is an icon of British grit and determination. Its fluid lines seem to blend art with aerodynamics. ParkZone has brilliantly captured the power and grace of the Spitfire with this remarkably scale, brushless Mk IX replica. The Mk IX was developed by Supermarine in 1942 to counter the threat posed by the Focke Wulf 190. It also has the distinction of being the first Allied warplane to shoot down an Me-262 jet.

Tech Notes

You will need...

- 4+ channel Transmitter and Receiver radio system (5 channels needed for retract operation) - Flight Battery - Charger compatible with flight battery

For Optional Retracts - 10-15 size main electric retracts (EFLG100) - Pre-bent landing gear struts are required for this plane (PKZ5717)


Wingspan: 43.2 in (1100mm) Overall Length: 37.3 in (950mm) Flying Weight: 41.1 oz (1170 g) Motor Size: 15-size 960Kv Brushless Outrunner (installed) Radio: 4 channels minimum; 5 channels for optional retract use Servos: 4 sub-micro servos (installed) CG (center of gravity): 2.55 in (65mm) back from the leading edge of the wing at the fuselage Prop Size: 9.5 x 7.5 Speed Control : 30A Pro SB Brushless ESC (installed) Recommended Battery: 11.1V 2200mAh 3S 25C Li-Po Flaps: No Retracts: Optional Control Throw (Ailerons): Low: 11mm up/down; High: 15mm up/down Control Throw (Elevator): Low: 10mm up/down; High: 13mm up/down Control Throw (Rudder): Low: 18mm left/right; High: 25mm left/right Minimum Age Recommendation: 14 years Experience Level: Intermediate Recommended Environment: Outdoor Assembly Time: Less than 1 Hour Is Assembly Required: Yes

Media Gallery

* /images/px-clear.gif/images/icon-newwindow.gif/images/px-clear.gif  View Image Gallery [javascript:popUp('/Products/Gallery.aspx?ProdID='+encodeURIComponent('PKZ5775')+'&Index=0', 575, 610);]

/images/px-clear.gif/images/icon-newwindow.gif/images/px-clear.gif  Spitfire Mk IX (WMV) [/ProdInfo/Files/PKZ5780_Hi.wmv]

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/images/icon-manual.gif /images/icon-newwindow.gif  Spitfire Mk IX Manual - English [/ProdInfo/Files/PKZ5775-Manual_EN.pdf]

/images/icon-manual.gif /images/icon-newwindow.gif  Spitfire Mk IX Manual - German [/ProdInfo/Files/PKZ5775-Manual_DE.pdf]

/images/icon-manual.gif /images/icon-newwindow.gif  Spitfire Mk IX Manual - French [/ProdInfo/Files/PKZ5775-Manual_FR.pdf]

/images/icon-manual.gif /images/icon-newwindow.gif  Spitfire Mk IX Manual - Italian [/ProdInfo/Files/PKZ5775-Manual_IT.pdf]

Parts Listing

* Item ID Description Qty. Price

EFLA1030 30-Amp Pro Switch-Mode BEC Brushless ESC [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=EFLA1030] 1 Retail: $59.99  

PKZ1012 Propeller: "9.5 x 7.5" [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ1012] 1 Retail: $3.49  

PKZ1081 SV80 Long Lead 3-wire servo: T28 [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ1081] 2 Retail: $11.99  

PKZ1090 DSV130 3-Wire Digital Servo Metal Gear [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ1090] 2 Retail: $13.99  

PKZ5116 15 BL Outrunner motor; 950Kv [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ5116] 1 Retail: $54.99  

PKZ5701 Spinner: Spitfire MkIX [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ5701] 1 Retail: $5.99  

PKZ5702 Decal Sheet: Spitfire MkIX [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ5702] 1 Retail: $4.99  

PKZ5703 Main Lg Set: Spitfire MkIX [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ5703] 1 Retail: $9.99  

PKZ5705 Main Wheel Set: Spitfire MkIX [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ5705] 1 Retail: $2.99  

PKZ5706 Landing Gear Fairing Set: Spitfire MkIX [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ5706] 1 Retail: $3.99  

PKZ5707 Tail Gear Set: Spitfire MkIX [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ5707] 1 Retail: $4.99  

PKZ5708 Canopy with Pilot: Spitfire MkIX [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ5708] 1 Retail: $10.99  

PKZ5709 Pilot: Spitfire MkIX [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ5709] 1 Retail: $5.99  

PKZ5710 Exhaust Stacks: Spitfire MkIX [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ5710] 1 Retail: $3.99  

PKZ5711 Pushrod Set: Spitfire MkIX [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ5711] 1 Retail: $5.99  

PKZ5712 Horizontal Stabilizer with Access: Spitfire MkIX [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ5712] 1 Retail: $17.99  

PKZ5713 Painted Cowl: Spitfire MkIX [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ5713] 1 Retail: $6.99  

PKZ5714 Prop Adapter: Spitfire MkIX [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ5714] 1 Retail: $5.99  

PKZ5715 Antenna: Spitfire MkIX [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ5715] 1 Retail: $2.99  

PKZ5718 Battery Hatch: Spitfire MkIX [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ5718] 1 Retail: $3.99  

PKZ5719 Wing Cannons: Spitfire MkIX [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ5719] 1 Retail: $3.99  

PKZ5720 Painted Wing: Spitfire MkIX [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ5720] 1 Retail: $39.99  

PKZ5727 Scoop Set: Spitfire MkIX [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ5727] 1 Retail: $6.99  

PKZ5728 Motor Mount: Spitfire MkIX [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ5728] 1 Retail: $3.99  

PKZ5735 Servo Wire Tape: Spitfire MkIX [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ5735] 1 Retail: $3.99  

PKZ5767 Bare Fuse: Spitfire MkIX [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ5767] 1 Retail: $39.99  

PKZ5770 Replacement Airframe: Spitfire MkIX [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ5770] 1 Retail: $119.99  

  • Weight in box: 2.77 kg (6.10 lb)
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