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P-51D Mustang BL RTF
Item ID: PKZ1800 | Retail Price: $279.99
Phil's Hobby Shop price: $238.99
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Product description

Ask us a question about P-51D Mustang BL RTF


  • Everything you need to fly in one box, even the batteries
  • 27MHz ZX-10 3-channel transmitter included
  • 3S 1300mAh Li-Po battery with balancing charger included
  • Powerful 480-size 960Kv brushless outrunner motor installed
  • Authentic �Gunfighter� paint scheme and decals
  • Durable and lightweight Z-Foam� construction
  • Dual aileron servos for precise control


Victory rolls, Cuban-8s, Immelmans�ParkZone�s P-51D can do them all thanks to its powerful 480 brushless outrunner motor and semi-symmetrical airfoil. The paint scheme and decals are an authentic reproduction of the actual markings from �Gunfighter�, a P-51D that regularly flies in airshows around the world.

Tech Notes

Wing Bolt Size= M3 x 25


Wingspan:�39.0 in (990mm) Overall Length:�33.5 in (850mm) Flying Weight:�25.0 oz (710 g) Motor Size:�480-size 960Kv Brushless Outrunner Radio:�ZX-10, 3 proportional channels 27MHz Speed Control :�18A brushless Recommended Battery:�3S 11.1V 1300mAh Li-Po Scale:�Warbird Charger:�3-cell Li-Po balancing

Media Gallery

* /images/px-clear.gif/images/icon-newwindow.gif/images/px-clear.gif �View Image Gallery [javascript:popUp('/Products/Gallery.aspx?ProdID='+encodeURIComponent('PKZ1800')+'&Index=0', 575, 610);]

/images/px-clear.gif/images/icon-newwindow.gif/images/px-clear.gif �P-51D Mustang BL (Windows Broadband) [/ProdInfo/Files/PKZ1800_hi_revised.wmv]

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/images/icon-manual.gif�/images/icon-newwindow.gif �P-51D Mustang BL RTF Manual [/ProdInfo/Files/PKZ1800-Manual.pdf]

/images/icon-manual.gif�/images/icon-newwindow.gif �DX8 Setup Downloads [/ProdInfo/Files/]

/images/icon-manual.gif�/images/icon-newwindow.gif �DX7s Setup Downloads [/ProdInfo/Files/]

Parts Listing

* Item ID Description Qty. Price

HBZ1003 3S Li-Po DC Balance Charger [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=HBZ1003] 1 Retail: $19.99��

PKZ1019 Propeller: P-51 BL, 9 x 6 [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ1019] 1 Retail: $3.49��

PKZ1020 Prop Adapter: P-51 BL [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ1020] 1 Retail: $5.49��

PKZ1033 11.1V 1300mAh LiPo Battery with EC3 Connector [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ1033] 1 Retail: $29.99��

PKZ1080 SV80 Short Lead 3-Wire Servo: AB3 [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ1080] 1 Retail: $11.99��

PKZ1081 SV80 Long Lead 3-wire servo: T28 [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ1081] 2 Retail: $11.99��

PKZ1771 Transmitter (ZX10): CH 1, 26.995: J-3BL, Spitfire [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ1771] 1 Retail: $32.99��

PKZ1772 Transmitter (ZX10): CH 2, 27.045: J-3BL, Spitfire [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ1772] 1 Retail: $32.99��

PKZ1773 Transmitter (ZX10): CH 3, 27.095: J-3BL, Spitfire [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ1773] 1 Retail: $32.99��

PKZ1774 Transmitter (ZX10): CH 4, 27.145: J-3BL, Spitfire [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ1774] 1 Retail: $32.99��

PKZ1775 Transmitter (ZX10): CH 5, 27.195: J-3BL, Spitfire [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ1775] 1 Retail: $32.99��

PKZ1802 Decal Sheet: P-51D BL [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ1802] 1 Retail: $4.99��

PKZ1807 Spinner: P-51D BL [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ1807] 1 Retail: $5.49��

PKZ1813 Clear Canopy & Painted Hatch: P-51D BL [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ1813] 1 Retail: $13.99��

PKZ1814 18A BL ESC [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ1814] 1 Retail: $49.99��

PKZ1820 Bare Wing (painted, no decals or servos): P-51D BL [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ1820] 1 Retail: $34.99��

PKZ1822 Pushrods with Clevis: P-51D BL [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ1822] 1 Retail: $6.99��

PKZ1823 Control horn set: P-51D BL [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ1823] 1 Retail: $1.99��

PKZ1824 Horizontal Stabilizer with Accessories: P-51D BL [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ1824] 1 Retail: $12.99��

PKZ1825 Motor Mount: P-51 BL [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ1825] 1 Retail: $3.99��

PKZ1826 Cowl with Exhaust: P-51D BL [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ1826] 1 Retail: $5.99��

PKZ1867 Bare Fuselage (Painted, No Decals): P-51D BL [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ1867] 1 Retail: $39.99��

PKZ1870 Replacement Airframe: P-51 BL [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ1870] 1 Retail: $79.99��

PKZ4416 480 BL Outrunner Motor; 960Kv [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ4416] 1 Retail: $44.99��

PKZ4418 Motor shaft: 480 Outrunner [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ4418] 1 Retail: $4.99��

PKZ4551 RA627 Rx: CH 1, 26.995; J-3 BL, P-51D BL [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ4551] 1 Retail: $29.99��

PKZ4552 RA627 Rx: CH 2, 27.045; J-3 BL, P-51D BL [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ4552] 1 Retail: $29.99��

PKZ4553 RA627 Rx: CH 3, 27.095; J-3 BL, P-51D BL [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ4553] 1 Retail: $29.99��

PKZ4554 RA627 Rx: CH 4, 27.145; J-3 BL, P-51D BL [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ4554] 1 Retail: $29.99��

PKZ4555 RA627 Rx: CH 5, 27.195; J-3 BL, P-51D BL [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ4555] 1 Retail: $29.99��

PKZ4556 RA627 Rx: CH 6, 27.255; J-3 BL, P-51D BL [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=PKZ4556] 1 Retail: $29.99��

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