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Product details

Hangar 9
Discontinued (HAN4550)
Item ID: HAN4550
Phil's Hobby Shop price: $571.41
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Product description

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  • Full-bodied, posable pilot figure
  • Scale dash including Cub in tachometer
  • Scale Cub wheels and functioning landing gear
  • Operating door panels and removable interior seating for easy access to the plane's interior
  • Collapsible wing struts connected to wing and fuselage with an intelligent pin and cotter key system
  • Tubular construction for top outline more true-to-Cub scale lines
  • Scale fin to fuselage fillet
  • Covered in genuine Hangar 9® UltraCote®


Large scale air enthusiast will marvel at the Hangar 9 giant-scale, super detailed J-3 Cub. The Cub is perfect for a first-time large scale flight experience because of its smooth flight characteristics.

Hangar 9 has thought of just about everything to make this 1/4-scale Cub an incredibly accurate replica of the ever-popular Piper J-3 Cub. Right down to the scale dash with Piper Cub emblem in the tachometer, this is the large scale beauty designed with the scale admirer in mind. Scale enthusiasts will appreciate the more realistic Cub outline facilitated by simulated scale tubular construction of the top fuselage contour. Likewise, the scale fin-to-fuselage fillet molding echoes its full-scale counterpart. The scale Cub wheels and working landing gear facilitate easier landings, touch-and-go excitement and one-wheel arrivals.

Scale fanatics will be astonished by the full-bodied pilot figure that is not only of accurate scale but is also posable. The operating door panels offer easy access to the interior of the plane and interior seating locks to the cockpit floor yet is also removable; both also contribute to the scale realism of the full-size Cub.

Besides the unparalleled scale detail, you also get smart design features like collapsible wing struts that are connected to the wing with a pivoting pin and keeper, while a pin and cotter key system allows the struts to be removed from the fuselage without hassle. The 2-piece stab can also be removed if necessary.

The J-3 Cub can also be transformed by luxury of gas-and-go by adding a Zenoah G20ei engine (ZENE20EI). 


Wingspan: 106 in (269 cm) Overall Length: 68 in (172.7 cm) Wing Area: 1630 sq in (150.2 sq dm) Flying Weight: 14.5–16.5 lb (6.6–7.5 kg) Engine Size: 1.00–1.60 2-stroke; 1.20–1.80 4-stroke; 20–26cc gas Motor Size: E-flite Power 110 Brushless Outrunner Radio: 4 to 6 channels Servos: 6 JR Hi-Torque (JRPS821) digital servos Trim Scheme Colors: Cub Yellow (HANU884) & Black (HANU874) CG (center of gravity): 4 ¾ to 5 inches from the leading edge of the wing at fuselage Wing Loading: 21.73 oz/sq ft Prop Size: 15x8–16x6 for gas; 14x6–16x4 for 2-stroke; 16x6–18x6 for 4-stroke; 19x8E for electric Spinner Size: 8mm x 1.25 Recommended Battery: 4S 4000 - 5000mAh Li-Po, 2 required for electric conversion Aileron: 5/8 in—up; 1/2 in—down Elevator: 7/8 in—up/down Rudder: 1 ½ in—left/right Scale: 25%

Media Gallery

* /images/px-clear.gif/images/icon-newwindow.gif/images/px-clear.gif  View Image Gallery [javascript:popUp('/Products/Gallery.aspx?ProdID='+encodeURIComponent('HAN4550')+'&Index=0', 575, 610);]

/images/px-clear.gif/images/icon-newwindow.gif/images/px-clear.gif  1/4 Scale J-3 Cub (Windows Media Dial-up) [/ProdInfo/Files/HAN4550-Lo.wmv]

/images/px-clear.gif/images/icon-newwindow.gif/images/px-clear.gif  1/4 Scale J-3 Cub (Windows Media Broadband) [/ProdInfo/Files/HAN4550-Hi.wmv]

/images/px-clear.gif/images/icon-newwindow.gif/images/px-clear.gif  1/4 Scale J-3 Cub (QuickTime Dial-up) [/ProdInfo/Files/]

/images/px-clear.gif/images/icon-newwindow.gif/images/px-clear.gif  1/4 Scale J-3 Cub (QuickTime Broadband) [/ProdInfo/Files/]

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/images/icon-manual.gif /images/icon-newwindow.gif  1/4 Scale J-3 Cub Manual [/ProdInfo/Files/HAN4550-QtrScaleCub_Manual-LoRes.pdf]

/images/icon-manual.gif /images/icon-newwindow.gif  1/4 Scale J-3 Cub Engine Firewall Drill Template [/ProdInfo/Files/J3_Cub_Firewall_Drill_Template.pdf]

/images/icon-manual.gif /images/icon-newwindow.gif  1/4 Scale J-3 Cub Battery Tray Template [/ProdInfo/Files/HAN4550-Battery-plate-template.pdf]

Parts Listing

* Item ID Description Qty. Price

HAN1987 Fuel Tank 17oz (500cc) [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=HAN1987] 1 Retail: $11.99  

HAN2033 Ultra Motor Mount: .61-2.2 [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=HAN2033] 1 Retail: $11.99  

HAN300 Pro-Lite Wheels, 1-1/2" (2) [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=HAN300] 1 Retail: $5.99  

HAN311 25% J-3 Cub Wheels 4 1/4" [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=HAN311] 1 Retail: $31.99  

HAN332 Tail Wheel Assembly-up to 25 lb [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=HAN332] 1 Retail: $49.99  

HAN4551 25% J-3 Cub Fuselage [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=HAN4551] 1 Retail: $509.99  

HAN4552 25% J-3 Cub Left wing w/aileron [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=HAN4552] 1 Retail: $275.99  

HAN4553 25% J-3 Cub Right wing w/aileron [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=HAN4553] 1 Retail: $275.99  

HAN4554 25% J-3 Cub Stab & Elevator set [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=HAN4554] 1 Retail: $83.99  

HAN4555 25% J-3 Cub Rudder [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=HAN4555] 1 Retail: $37.99  

HAN4556 25% J-3 Cub Cowl [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=HAN4556] 1 Retail: $37.99  

HAN4557 25% J-3 Cub Anodized wing tube [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=HAN4557] 1 Retail: $9.99  

HAN4558 25% J-3 Cub Stab tube [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=HAN4558] 1 Retail: $5.99  

HAN4559 25% J-3 Cub Front windshield [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=HAN4559] 1 Retail: $5.99  

HAN4560 25% J-3 Cub landing gear w/o wheels [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=HAN4560] 1 Retail: $117.99  

HAN4562 25% J-3 Cub Wing strut set [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=HAN4562] 1 Retail: $131.99  

HAN4563 Wing strut pins w/keepers [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=HAN4563] 1 Retail: $11.99  

HAN4565 25% J-3 Cub Decals [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=HAN4565] 1 Retail: $21.99  

HAN4566 Full Body Posable Pilot, 25% [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=HAN4566] 1 Retail: $17.99  

HAN4567 25% J-3 Cub Dash panel [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=HAN4567] 1 Retail: $15.99  

HAN4568 25% J-3 Cub Pushrod set [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=HAN4568] 1 Retail: $9.99  

HAN4569 25% J-3 Cub Side and Top window set [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=HAN4569] 1 Retail: $15.99  

HAN4570 25% J-3 Cub Tail Flying Wire Set [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=HAN4570] 1 Retail: $11.99  

HAN4571 25% J-3 Cub Seat set [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=HAN4571] 1 Retail: $13.99  

HAN4572 25% J-3 Cub Axles and Hardware [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=HAN4572] 1 Retail: $7.99  

HAN4573 25% J-3 Cub Landing Gear Spring Set [/ProductCatalog/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdNumber=HAN4573] 1 Retail: $5.99  

  • Weight in box: 12.38 kg (27.30 lb)
  • Barcode: 605482589984
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