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Maximum MT w/Torq 16 Prebuilt
Item ID: DTXC0064 | Retail Price: $319.99
Phil's Hobby Shop price: $213.65
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Product description

Ask us a question about Maximum MT w/Torq 16 Prebuilt

This is the 1/10 scale Maximum MT Pre-Built 2WD, Nitro Powered Monster Truck
with a DuraTrax Torq .16 size Glow Engine.
This is Fully Assembled Except For The Radio System.
Install The Radio, Add Fuel, Batteries and Start Car Crushing Immediately.

The industry's most popular RTR nitro technology (the Maximum ST), is now in

          the powerful and durable Maximum Monster Truck Version.
Some important feature differences found on the Maximum MT.
An extremely durable metal spur gear easily withstands rough
treatment and inexperienced drivers, as well as provide a higher
torque gearing set up.
Longer suspension arms give the Maximum MT a slightly wider stance
for more stability and greater ground clearance.
Pre-filled, "Wide-Body" shocks deliver extra dampening for better
handling, while still featuring Rapid-Tune easy-adjust spring
tension. 40wt Oil-Filled
Huge, 5.75" diameter OD split V-tread tires w/custom chrome one-piece
wheels provide extra grip and impressive ground clearance.
Standard hex drive on all four wheels (uses rear wheels all around)
Specially designed monster truck body still comes pre-painted
and pre-cut, ready for decals and eye-catching chrome accents.
85% part compatibility with Maximum ST.

More FEATURES: 2-wheel drive performance.

        Stress-Tech plastic parts (These parts are so durable that if a part
breaks within the first 6-months the kit is owned, the part will
be replaced for FREE.)
Adjustable camber (front and rear) improves straight line stability
Adjustable toe-in (front) compensates for looseness
Rapid-Tune metal turnbuckles
Ball bearing equipped aluminum 13T clutch bell (5x8mm bearings x 2)
(NOTE: all optional clutch bells use 5x10mm bearings)
Fiberite Heavy Duty Brake System
3 Shoe Clutch
Control-Tech slipper clutch to prevent wheel spin while accelerating
and prevents damage to transmission
Metal differential gears (not a ball diff) are in a completely
sealed gear box (dirt free)
All ball bearing gear box (diff. output BBs are 8x14mm, others 5x10)
Metal Bushings On All Wheels
Aluminum (Rigi-Frame) 2.5mm thick chassis
Max-sized 85cc (almost 3oz) fuel tank with flip top lid.
Engine- The DuraTrax TORQ .16 ABC engine with easy-operating recoil starter
(DTXG0210) is included and installed.
Heat sink head
Heavy duty steel con rod w/lower brass bushing & dual oil feed holes
Carb is a fully adjustable, precision two-needle, rotary carb that
can be adjusted with a screwdriver.
Precision ball bearing that minimizes friction
Engine start-up video (included) shows step-by-step how to start and
operate the TORQ 16, as well as helpful maintenance tips.
(For more information on this enigne, see stock number DTXG0210.)
90-Day Warranty on Engine and Truck


  • Length: 444mm (17.5") specs confirmed JQ 3/01
  • Front/Rear Track: 280mm (11") (from center-to-center of the wheels)
  • Width: 332mm (13.1")
  • Height: 240mm (9.4")
  • Wheelbase: 271mm (10.7")
  • Ground Clearance: 68mm (2.7")
  • Weight: 1570g (3.5 lb)
  • Shocks-large diameter, 40wt oil-filled shocks length: front-3.25" rear-4"
  • Wheels: 2.5" diameter


  • One Completely Assembled Maximum MT w/Duratrax Torq .16 Engine
  • One Decal Sheet
  • One Instruction Booklet and Parts List


  • Radio: 2 Channel and Twelve AA Batteries
  • Misc. Items: Fuel Bottle, Glow Ignitor, Fuel, Car Wrench (All These are included in the Nitro Starting Pack, DTXP0200.)


  • The body has a clear protective covering to prevent damage during shipping. Before applying the decals carefully lift one corner of the covering and gently pull it from the body
  • Muffler screws are 3x30mm (OSMG6904 is a perfect sub)
        Initial Carb Settings: Settings are factory set.
High Speed Needle: 2-1/2 to 2-3/4 turns open (from fully closed).
Low Speed (Idle) Needle: look down throat of carb w/throttle
fully open. There should be a 1mm gap between the idle
needle and the spray bar. OR approx. 2-3/4 to 3 turns out
Throttle (Idle) Stop Screw- barrel should be open 1.5mm (from
fully closed).
The rear wheels have a fair amount of toe-in. This gives better
stability with a small loss in top speed due to tire scrub.
        For the Ready To Run Version with Radio, use DTXD64**.
        This is a list of parts for the entire Maximum Transmission:
(1) DTXC7900
(2) DTXC1535
(1) DTXC1583
(1) DTXC7500
(1) DTXC7200
(1) DTXC7250
(1) DTXC7400
This does not include the spur gear or any of the slipper clutch
parts. These numbers are:
(1) DTXC9400 (Plastic spur) or DTXC9402 (Metal spur - fits any
Maximum but comes stock on the MT)
(1) DTXC9300
(1) DTXC9310
(1) DTXC9320
Also, use a complete screw set. That number is DTXC8705 - this
screw set is for the ST or MT, but is 90% compatible with the
BX. All of the transmission screws needed are included.
  • Weight in box: 3.92 kg (8.65 lb)
  • Barcode: 753600200645
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